Dead mothers club

The dead mothers club

Hello gentle Americans. I am coming out of a long slumber and will begin my weekly blog posts. Truth be told, after my mother died (4years ago) depression took hold. Things that I used to enjoy doing (writing, blogging and such) just fell away without me even realizing it. I have become the Rip Van Winkle of drag sect and am slowly opening my eyes, trying to connect with the things that used to be bring me joy. 

Being part of the dead mothers club has been a difficult journey. But of course there is humor to it all. When someone asks about my parents, I look them in the eyes and say, "My mother is dead." No emotion, just very mater of factly. I do not tell them how she died. Could it be a boating accident, hot air balloon disaster or a freak fall off a cruise ship? I leave that up to the listener. What's the point of having a dead mother if you can't use her for dramatic purposes?  

Stay fresh, 

x Hedda Lettuce  



drawing by Hedda Lettuce