Sketch book memories

Drawings from my sketch book are a visual diary. When I look back on them I can vividly recall what was going on at that point in my life.  

This Particular time I was sketching daily. Pencil drawing always bring me great pleasure, whether they are mine or others. 

Whether your a professional or  a non-artist (which I don't believe. I feel everyone is an artist), try sketching daily and see what comes up. And then a month from now look back at your sketches  and see what memories emerge.

sketching goes deeper than just written diaries; touching a primal place within our being, before words even came out of our mouth.   

Stay fresh,  




An amazing night!

Hedda At The Classics was a smash success tonight with the presentation of All About Eve. A packed house filled with laughter makes my job so fulfilling.  

This lovely group of Hedda-philes gave me a gift bag filled with makeup. It's in a Barneys bag, but I was told the cosmetics were from elsewhere. Hmmmmmm. I just pray they are not Covergirl. I am terribly allergic to drugstore makeup. 

Stay Fresh, 



Aren't they the cutest  

Aren't they the cutest  

Hedda Lettuce end of summer

It has been an amazing summer season. My shows at the Island Breeze in fire island were a smashing success. My last show is this Saturday and I am looking back forward to the fall and holiday season.  

I have my holloween show this year at the 2nd avenue theater in the east village. Showing Mommie Dearest Interactive with a special appearance by Rutanya Alda aka Carolann from the movie. Tickets go on sale soon. 

My annual holiday show, Lettucr Rejoice, returns to the Metropolitan Room. Plus I have several dates throughout he East Coast. More information to come shortly! 

In the meantime I am heading to Ricky's beauty supplies to buy a white eyeliner pencil and head off to my weekly Thursday night movie night. We are showing All Aboit Eve with Bette Davis.  Majot!

stay fresh,